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reminds me of the Bart Bonte games


Absolutely love it :) the vibe, great music, fun/wacky rules/puzzles to figure out. I didn't figure out all the rules perfectly, for example I'm not sure what the hearts next to lizard and fish on the menu screen refer to... but that'll get me to come back and play more! Generally love the playfulness/silliness, great work.


Ha ha aww that's great to hear. I wanted the game to make people smile, and I wanted the silliness to help offset the confusion some of the puzzles cause. Glad you're enjoying your time with it πŸ˜€


haha Very cute. My 5yo and I enjoyed it. Everything is adorable and pleasant. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work. (:

Ha ha that's so great! I always sort of wondered if a young child could figure the game out. I would imagine they'd get frustrated or scared!

Congratulations on finding the frog 🐸🐸


In fact, he just played it again with his mommy to show her. He does get slightly nervous about clicking on the shark. You can see him get startled just a touch when the music suddenly changes. I think it's cute, though. Every kid/family is different, but in our case he clearly has a good time with the game. Not sure he's figured it out that much, but playing with a parent makes up for that and everybody has a good time. It has good humor and sweetness throughout, so anyone can appreciate it. I appreciate how it sometimes does offer a challenge.

Oh wow that's just the cutest thing! Hopefully he finds a frog again so the music can change back. It startles me too sometimes!


He typically finds at least 50% of the frogs in a simple run of the game. It's a good time no matter what.


Β» 𓆏 Β«

Incredible and endearing. And that soundtrack! 

I loved the extra little details, like the background animal silhouettes and tile animations. The hugs/digit-biting made me feel more immersed in the game-world. I also appreciate how the lack of text actually makes it more generally accessible. 

This game is a gem, thank you for making and sharing it.

Oh wow, thank you so much!

I think it's really cool when the player's cursor becomes a game piece. It's something you can throw in almost any game and it makes players go, "Wait... What is happening!!"

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, and that you didn't find it too difficult

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for the feedback -- I agree it's really unfun when you're stuck on one type of puzzle, to not have an opportunity to practice it again until solving 5-6 puzzles you already understand.

I'm brainstorming some ways to address this as I stretch this into a bigger game, like having different sections which focus on specific puzzles. I think playing the same exact puzzle over and over is slightly too repetitive, but maybe something having it be about 40% would be OK.


This game was great! It took about an hour to feel confident with most of the rules. I'm still not exactly sure about the minesweeper -- but I beat it every time anyway, even though I don't have confidence about it.

It's really cute.


Yeah I'm not sure how the lizard one works either.  I know there has to be one lizard in every row and column but I don't understand why the tiles are red or what it means. Or if the position makes a difference - if they're pointing to something or not. 


Very fun and cute game :)

Aww, thank you! I'm glad you liked it πŸ˜€


I love this game. Cute art and music! I still don't get the one with scattered red tiles yet (something about neighbouring tiles?) but it's fun to puzzle over it.

Thanks, I think that's the hardest one!

It's hard to design puzzles which aren't too simple to figure out, and which aren't too trivial once you know how they work. ...I think maybe I pushed it too far with that one! But I appreciate your patience.


cute :)


Really cute game, finally managed to beat the last "difficulty".

I still haven't fully cracked the code behind the "sudoku" ones, I think I understand how the "lizard rule" works, but I have absolutely no idea how the fishes relate to anything.

Thanks for the feedback! ...I have an idea for how to make this puzzle easier to understand without changing the rules. I'm going to give it a try later.


...I have no idea what's going on, but my first clicks almost always end up being shark. I guess I'm just too stupid.

I'm sorry! The frogs are being very shy today. ...I'll try to make some changes over the next few weeks to see if I can tempt them from their hiding places.

Thanks for your patience


Don't worry about it too much, of course. I'm pretty unlucky on the regular, and its not that odd to see one or two outliers, be them positive or negative.


I wish there was just a little more time between when you click a shark (and it reveals the location of the frog and the lizards) and the transition to the next stage. It's frustrating because I know that it's revealing important information to me, but I can't see it long enough to recognize the pattern, or to remember it with enough specificity that I can work out the pattern later. Buuuut that might just be part of the challenge of the game, so Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

It is super cute tho!


Thank you, that's VERY good advice and I've actually added an extra second or two so that you have more of a chance to recognize the pattern!

There are two levels which give players a lot of trouble. I've tweaked one to give more information (there should be 2 or more arrows pointing to a frog when you fail) and I have ideas for tweaking the other.

Thanks so much for your valuable feedback! For every person like you who voices a complaint, I know there are dozens of others suffering in silence. So I would like to thank you on their behalf as well 🐸🐸🐸


Such a silly, cute, adorable game ! I think I discovered a new favorite genre of mine : the textless game ! Really loved the sound, art and emotions !


Oh that's great to hear, thank you!

I took inspiration for designing a textless game from a video I watched about Octopath Traveller. In hindsight, Fez is another great game which has almost no dialog.

The art and music was all put together myself over a few days, and I went with a very simple style partially due to time constraints and partially to my own limitations. I'm glad it came together and that you like how the game looks and sounds 🐸🐸🐸

Thanks, I'm gonna check those games out !

Again cheers to your game !


I did not understand much of the game play initially, but somehow it started to sort of make sense after a few minutes of clicking randomly. The end screen with the cursor hugs is the cutest thing ever!

Thank you, at first the levels are a mix between completely trivial and completely impossible. I'm glad you weren't too frustrated and could still finish the game. Congratulations on finding the frog!!